Friday, May 10, 2013

[FINISHED] The Mimosa Tree by Antonella Preto

It's Dianne again, with yet another tour. Hee. Thank you to Claire of Fremantle Press for the copy we will be touring!

The Mimosa Tree
Title: The Mimosa Tree
Author: Antonella Preto
Publisher: Fremantle Press
Date of Publication: April 1, 2013

It’s the summer of 1987 and Mira is beginning her first year at uni. She’s got a radical new haircut, and an all-black wardrobe — she should be having the time of her life.

But it’s hard to get excited about anything when you’re being smothered by your crazy Italian family, enrolled in a course you’re not interested in, and expecting nuclear warfare at any moment.

Even a new best friend and the magnetic boy from art class can’t wipe away the image of a looming mushroom cloud. And Mira’s right. Her world is about to explode, but it’s not the skies she should be checking.

This tour will be a little different than the ones we usually host. Participants will still have THREE DAYS to read the book, after which they need to pass the book to the next participant. However, I won't be strict with the posting date. Participants must post their review WITHIN ONE WEEK after finishing or sending the book to the next person. This tour will also start as soon as I can ship the book to the first participant so around next week.

Here's the links to the reviews!

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