Tour Rules

How the tour works:

Unless we get multiple copies, each tour will have one copy of the book mailed around to all participants. The ARC will be sent by us to the first blogger on tour and will then be passed on to the next in schedule. Once the book is in the reader/blogger’s possession, it is his/her responsibility to take care of the book, send it on time, and post a review in a timely manner.

We will have a minimum of 5 people for one tour and a maximum of 8 or more if needed. The ARC should be returned to us after the last participant has finished reading it, unless we have decided to let the reader/blogger have it or make it a prize for a giveaway.


How to join the tour:

If you are a Filipino who lives within the country, maintains a book blog or a Goodreads account for at least three months and you want to join the tour, all you need to do is to simply fill out the form ON THIS PAGE. Sign-ups will only be done once.

How to sign up for a tour:

We will also be sending out newsletters at least once a month with the list of open book tours. At least 5 people are needed for a tour to push through. To show your interest in the tour, send us an e-mail with your preferred posting date and the type of post you want to do. Also, make sure that you have signed up as a reviewer for Pinoy Book Tours before you send us an e-mail. We need your mailing and contact information for the book tour! It won't be used for anything else!

Tour slots are filled via first come first serve basis. However, we will consider the reviewer's location and blog statistics if we have a lot of people signing up for a tour. In case of people backing out of a tour, we will open sign ups for a week until we reach the maximum slots we need for a tour to start.

Each reviewer can only sign up for a maximum of THREE tours each month to avoid the delay of posting reviews and schedule complications.

What to do when you're in a tour:

The book will be in the reviewer's possession for 3 days, and you have to read and post a review of the book within those 3 days. Since the tour is within the country, shipping will be fast, so you have to send the book IMMEDIATELY to the next person even if your 3 days isn't finished yet *.

You have to provide a tracking number for the package you have sent, or if it is not applicable, send us an e-mail with some sort of proof that you have sent the book. We recommend you use couriers with tracking options like LBC, Air21, 2Go or Xend.

* We can shorten or extend the number of days per person in a tour depending on the schedule we are given.


We will be linking all posts on the original tour blog post and update them with links  as they are posted/sent to us. Please send us an e-mail or notify us via twitter (@PinoyBookTours) when the review/posts has been posted on your blog or Goodreads account.

You are kicked out of the tour and banned from PBT if:
  1. You failed to send the book on time or post a review on the designated date TWICE.
  2. You failed to provide us with a way of tracking where the book is, or if the book you’ve sent is lost ONCE.
  3. You damaged the book in any way.
Donate a book:

If you are a blogger/publisher/publicist/author and is willing to have a book sent internationally, please contact us at pinoybooktours @ gmail . com