Book Tour Guidelines

If you are a publisher, a publicist or an author and you have a book you want us to tour, send us an email at pinoybooktours @ gmail dot com

But before you do, please read our guidelines for organizing a book tour.

What kinds of books do you organize a tour for?

We tour Young Adult books! It can be YA contemporary, dystopian, sci-fi, paranormal, as long as it's within the Young Adult group. We do tours for New Adult novels as well, but only if we gather enough participants for them.

Also, we are not limited to touring books written by international authors, we welcome, encourage and are happy to have local, Filipino authors to work with us so we can tour their books!

What kinds of format do you accept? Do you accept ebooks? Egalleys?

As international book bloggers, we understand that shipping books overseas can be very expensive and that we can't always get paper copies which we can pass along to our tour participants, so we are okay with reading e-galleys/e-ARCs as well as e-books. If we get e-books, rest assured that WE DO NOT distribute the file to anyone else. Only those who are part of the tour will have access to the e-books.

What kinds of tours do you organize?

We have two types of tours:

1. Review only tour - All participants who gets to read a copy of the book will post a review.
2. Mixed tour - A combination of reviews, guest posts, interviews and excerpt features.

We also include a giveaway to tours whenever possible, most of the time it's the physical copies we get from the author/publisher which we give away, but we are open to anything the publisher/author can provide, or even if there is no giveaway involved. Please take note that having a giveaway is not a requirement for a tour to happen.

Do we need to pay you to organize a tour for us?

Nope. Not a single peso. We're doing all of this for free. The aim of our book tour site is to spread the word and promote YA and NA books to the Filipino reading audience, and as long as what we do encourages reading and help get the word out for the books we tour and the authors we organize tours for, that is enough payment for us.

Do you have a sample tour we can check to see how you do tours?

Sure. You can find a list of completed tours here.

Also, we've partnered with two of the biggest bookstore chains in the country to organize book tours for them.

We toured Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr in partnership with Fully Booked and HarperCollins International. The details of the tour can be found here, and a blog entry promoting the tour is here.

We also toured then 18 year old Stefan Bachmann's The Peculiar in partnership with National Bookstore and HarperCollins International. The blog tour details can be found here.

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