Got a question for us about the tours? Check the list below.

If you still have questions you can send us an e-mail at pinoybooktours AT gmail DOT com.

What does the captions [ ] beside the tour titles mean?

It's our way of tagging the posts to let you know the status of each tour.

[CLOSED]: Sign-ups for the tour is closed
[PENDING]: Tour is on hold until further notice
[SCHEDULED]: The tour is scheduled to start soon
[ONGOING]: The tour has started and is currently happening
[RESCHEDULED]: The tour will happen, but at a later date
[FINISHED]: The tour has finished
[DROPPED]: The tour will not happen

A tour without any brackets, or with [OPEN] caption means sign-up is still ongoing.

So I got in the tour, what do I do next?

Wait for our e-mail! We will include details for the tour there, as well as assignments and deadlines for guest posts/interviews if the tour has one. We will also send you an email reminder with the assigned date for you to post a review. Due dates for shipping the book to the next person can also be found in the e-mail. We also notify tour stops via Twitter!

Can I be the last person on tour? Do I get to choose if I go first or not?

Send us your preference and we will try to accommodate your request, but we CANNOT guarantee that we can put you on the spot you want to be especially if the tour has a lot of participants.

Is there a limit per person for tour sign-ups?

Yes. A person can only sign up for 3 tours MAXIMUM in any given month.

I got into the tour but I can't review the book anymore. What do I need to do?

Send us an email as soon as you can! There will be people who will wait to be included in the tour list, and we need to know ASAP if you are giving up your spot or not.

I got into the waiting list. How will I know if I made it to the tour or not?

We will be sending you an e-mail as soon as we finalized the tour details.

I want to join the tour, but I don't want to post a review. Are guest posts available instead?

If we can get a hold of the author/publisher to help us arrange a couple of interviews and guest posts, or even give us an excerpt, we state that option when we post details about the tour. If that option is available, then yes, you can sign-up for a tour and tell us if you prefer that type of post.


So I've finished reading the book, what do I do next?

We're including a spreadsheet for links on every tour post once it starts. Once you have the review posted on your blog, tag us on Twitter (@PinoyBookTours) so we can include the link to the spreadsheet!


So I'm part of the tour, but I didn't like the book. Do I post the review even if it's not a favorable one?

We encourage our reviewers to give their honest opinions about the books we tour, but as the aim of our book tours is to help publicize the book, we'd like our reviewers to give positive feedback if they can. If you are not comfortable with posting a negative review as part of the tour, please notify us and we will try our best to give you something else to post on your designated date instead.


Please remember to notify us once you've received the book! Just send us a message via Twitter (@PinoyBookTours) or send us an email so we know that the book has arrived safely.

Are there any special things we need to do when shipping the book?

We prefer you send the book via courier instead of the post office, because it's faster. Since the book will be in your possession for only 3 days, it needs to arrive to the next person the soonest possible time. Also, you MUST provide us a tracking number. It's a means to protect the book and help us track where it is. We only tour 1 copy, so if we lose the book, we might need to cancel the tour.

Recommended couriers:

FedEx/Air21 (has tracking number and SMS tracking)
LBC (1 day delivery but a bit more expensive)
2Go (tracking number and SMS tracking)
Xend (tracking number)

So I've sent the book to the next person, what do I do next?

Send us an e-mail with the tracking number or notify us via Twitter that the book has been sent! That way, we know that the book is on its way to the next tour participant.


Do you tour e-books?

We do! Some publishers cannot give us galleys/physical copies of the book, but instead give us access to e-galleys instead. We indicate in a tour post if we are passing an ARC/finished copy or giving e-galley access to participants!

Do you take tour recommendations?

Send us an e-mail if you want to find out if we are touring a particular book or not, or if you think we should tour a specific book. We'll do our best to make it happen!