Monday, June 17, 2013

[FINISHED] The Torn Wing (The Faerie Ring #2) by Kiki Hamilton

Hello Pinoy Book Bloggers!

If you are among the lucky ones who joined our The Faerie Ring tour last year, we are touring the sequel, The Torn Wing, this year! Personally, I am excited to know what happens to Prince Leopold, but mostly about the faeries too!

The Torn Wing (The Faerie Ring #2) by Kiki Hamilton
Publication Date: October 2nd 2012
Published by: Tor Teen
Genre: YA, Fantasy

London 1872 -

A bloody escape, a deadly threat, a shocking revelation...

As an orphan who stole the Queen's ring - only to find the ring was a reservoir that held a truce between the world of Faerie and the British Court - Tiki’s greatest fear suddenly becomes all too real: the fey have returned to London seeking revenge. As war escalates in the Otherworld, Queen Victoria’s youngest son, Prince Leopold, is attacked. In order to protect her family and those she loves, Tiki needs to know the meaning of an fáinne sí, the birthmark that winds around her wrist. But will she be brave enough to face the truth?

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